The Dog Days of Summer Work for Me!

We are counting down until school starts, just 6 more days until I have a freshman, a 6th grader and a 1st grader.  The boys have started football, my daughter is practicing cheer 10 hours a day. I’ve been working, When the kids are home they are swimming or hanging with kids in the neighborhood.  It’s close to impossible to get time in with each of them.

I tucked my six-year-old in bed the other night and presented my request, “So what would you think about hanging out with mommy tomorrow?  We could read, and snuggle.  Mommy never gets to see you anymore.”

After a moment of silence, I hear his frustrated sigh, “Mommy,  I already have plans tomorrow.  Between playing with my friends and football that’s just not going to work.”

He must have seen the look on my face, “How about Friday? Does Friday work for you?”

I have to pencil in time with my six-year-old, and I can only imagine the days that will pass without really seeing or having decent conversations with middle and high schooler.  So the dog it is.

No, I don’t bond with the dog instead of the children, I use the dog to bond with the kids.  A few times a day when the dog needs to be taken on a short stroll to do her business, I offer to go with them.  The block long walk with each of my kids at different times gives me one on one time to talk in a way that truly builds deep connections with each of them.  I get my time, they get theirs, and the dog…umm…err…gets…relief.

How do you spend time with your kids one on one?  Are you proactively trying to find ways to spend time with your kids as the busy-ness of school is approaching?  Share them with us!


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