Forever 21 Is a Tree

The fashion community is in an uproar.  The well known trendy retail store Forever 21 has recently released a series of t-shirts boasting of the love of Jesus.  Unbelievers are upset at the store, “shoving Jesus down people’s throats.”

As I was reading the article that started a religious feud in America traveled all the way to the UK,  and the many blogging comments that followed, I had this thought:  This is how to be a tree.

Consider where you are rooted, in this case in the fashion world.  Adapt to your environment while  allowing Jesus to continue to nourish and grow you.  And when you open your 94,000 square foot store in the middle of New York, spread the Gospel.

This is the very definition of planting yourself by the spring of living water, allowing His Spirit to grow you strong, producing sweet fruit.  And this sweet fruit, is sometimes souring.  The very name of Jesus, or the message that Jesus loves you offends the hearts and souls of those who are not dwelling in the same spring.

On this earth, Jesus offended.  When he spoke to the multitudes half believed, the other half left shaking their heads.  Those are the same people who walk out of Forever 21 shaking their head.  Offended at the many creative means that God uses to spread his message.

Oak, pecan, pine, maple, elm, olive.  All trees, all different expressions of Jesus’ amazing love, in their own way, in their own forest, in God’s perfect timing.

Are you a tree?  Do you see yourself being built by God to spread the message to those within your influence at exactly the right moment–share with us how!!


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