Kids Need Patience: Got Any to Spare?

I have several posts from a million years ago and seven blogs past!  I thought I would dig through and resurrect some here and there….Here is a good reminder with school starting soon: 

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Change is so unnerving to children. I know this first hand because my family is in the midst of moving to a new state. Because of this, I have to exude an extra dose of patience with them while teaching them to respect the way each other is feeling right now. Not easy.

My 10 almost 11 year old is ready to get on that plane. She is prepared to make a new life. Her life is consumed with ” I need to know…” What’s the name of my school, where will we go to the grocery store? What church will we go to? How far will we have to drive? Is there a Sonic in Florida? Is there a Wal Mart in Florida? Is there Big Red in Florida? How big is my room? What color will I paint it? I NEED TO KNOW!

Children need to know in order to feel safe. Now some don’t need the extremes like my daughter. But keeping kids in the loop —an age appropriate loop- will help calm their fears.

My 8 year old is terrified to move. His abstract thinking skills are still in developmental process and he is unable to see beyond the here and now. He is struggling to put together that we will be back, that this is not forever. He is confused quite often. Because of his age, he is unable to see the possibility and to see how life is put together like a puzzle.

He needs step by step process. Now we are going to….then we are going to… Then on Saturday we will… then on Monday after we get there we will…. This is how he is secured, in knowing what comes next.

My three year old–is well 3. We’ve explained to him the plane ride, how Florida is FAR AWAY. He just wants to go where daddy is. His weepiness is rooted in the upheaval of our lives. Moving out of our house and temporarily leaving with my mom while dad is gone. No structure no schedule.

My littlest needs to be held more and loved more. His security comes from knowing that I’m okay with everything. “If mom is okay with it, then I can be okay with it. If mom is okay with driving on this street to go to the grocery store, then I’m okay with it–and I don’t even have to ask where we are going. ” Constant reassurance and patience with his tears is most necessary.

What changes will your kids go through soon? New school, new house? New job? Divorce?

What about you teachers? What will your kids walk into your classrooms with in a month or so? This being a new school? Dad move out over the summer?

Treating each child with individuality is necessary for today’s generation. They aren’t the same. They won’t handle change the same. Love them through wherever they are. Allow patience–which comes from God alone–to manifest in your life.


2 thoughts on “Kids Need Patience: Got Any to Spare?

  1. My one and only child starts kindergarten a week from today. I am so excited for her and scared at the same time. I have to put my faith in God that He will protect her and give me peace. Thank you Tiffany for this post. Patience is a hard thing to come by some days…..

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