As you can see, things are a-changin’-round-up-in-here!!   I’m in the process of streamlining my efforts and changing my website. In the near future, this super awesome design company  Kemp Design Services will be working on my site, but for now, I’m making just a few little changes to make things easier!! (for you AND me)

::You will see Category headings at the top of my BLOG…. these are the categories or subjects of the blogs I will be writing!  

  • I will continue to post on becoming more like Christ inspired by the nature around us in [TREES & SUCH]
  • I will also blog on Kid info–how to raise, love, teach and not go crazy with kiddos–this is [BEYOND THE BEHAVIOR]
  •  Lastly, I will blog about my adventures in developing a children’s ministry in a church plant  through  [KIDMIN PLANTING]
Information about me and booking trainings is still available in the menu to your left!

You will also be able to easily navigate by using my tag cloud, and quickly click to follow my Tweets and Facebook!  So excited about the changes!!  Couldn’t have done it without Barb Kemp!  She’s awesome and super duper smart! If you are in the need of Site Overhaul, she’s the girl for you!! Check her out @ Kemp Design Services!


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