Money. A Bracelet. A Tree

So I haven’t written much, on any level. I’m going through a drought, like a majority of the country, and my roots are getting withered. I know I write a substantial amount of material on not writing, but not writing seems to be the cloud that follows over my head, taunting rain, but never pouring down. Except maybe every once in awhile, a small shower refreshes my creativity and I can spit something out. Maybe.

So I’m sitting around on the couch last night thinking about how I should be writing–something–anything. And in walks my daughter with her AF bag in tow. Returning from a quick trip to the mall with her BFF4E (Best Friend Forever 4 Eva), she is excited about showing me her treasures. She’s a thrifty shopper, rarely buys anything full price and is on her way to becoming a serious shopaholic. I asked her if she spent a lot of money, to which she says, “Yah, I did. But it was so worth it.”

She first shows me her cute little top she purchased from Abercrombie for “Only” Twenty Bucks! Girlie, lacy and white, it was a perfect little top she could mix and match. Then she reaches in her bag and pulls out a bracelet.

A perfect sterling silver bracelet with a tree. A tree for me. My 14 year old daughter spent her birthday money on a tree bracelet for the mom who hasn’t written anything on her tree blog in, come on, really, a month–or has it been longer? For no particular reason, just because she loves me…just because she believes in me.

Who needs more inspiration than that?

Has anyone ever shocked you with the thoughfulness of a gift that rocked your world?


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