A Tree Worth Dying For

There are a group of environmental activists who strive to protect the Amazon of Brazil. In Brazil, more than 20% of the forest has already been destroyed, and there are major “gangs” who illegally cut down even the protected areas to make money.  I’m sure it’s not chump change.
Those who work against these “gangs” trying to stop them from making their money, are shot and killed. And the government doesn’t do anything about it.  As recently as yesterday it was reported that a husband and wife were gunned down and killed for their involvement in stopping loggers in the Amazon.
These two people woke up one day and decided that the trees were so valuable to them and their country that they were willing to live their lives and give their lives for the trees.
How about you?
Do you have a tree you would give your life for?
Your kids, your wife, your God?
Would you really do it?  Are you passionate about anything worthy?
Comment and Answer these questions for me!

4 thoughts on “A Tree Worth Dying For

  1. You know I really don’t know what I would give my life for, and I hope I never have to find out…but I know that the grace of God will be there for me if I ever have to give my life for someone.

  2. I would give my life for my God and my family. If it weren’t for my family and God’s plan in my life, I wouldn’t be where I am today…living every day in joy.

    1. I too would give my life for my God and my family. Some days I feel I already have in a certain sense, maybe not dying a martyrs death, but everyday dying to self to live for him.

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