Memorial Day



Today is Memorial Day–and I just want to thank all of the soldiers who serve our country–who fight for our liberty. My sweet husband is one of those. He is a veteran of Desert Storm and was a front line tanker in the major battles there. I’ve learned from him that even though you may not lose your life, or a limb, you still lose a part of yourself. So thank you to him and every other soldier who has sacrificially served for our freedom.

God has given me a soft heart toward Military wives, and I want to thank them, too. Michael is a Reservist in the Army and he just returned from his 3 week annual training. I hated him being gone. He keeps telling me that I’m an army wife and should get use to it, but I refuse to accept that. Compared to the stories I’ve heard, I’m far from being an army wife, I don’t even have to experience the half of it…

When the wife of a soldier is left behind, she is left with a mess to tend to for an unknown amount of time. She must take care of the kids and the bills and herself. She must pray for his safety with all of her heart and believe in a God that is bigger than it all. She must fight her own fears, and her resentments and sadness. As she looks at her children, who don’t know the world without war, she hopes for their future and peace for tomorrow. She anxiously awaits his call, and fears answering the knock at the door.

When he comes home without a leg or an arm or a prayer, she must have faith strong enough for them all. She has to make the decisions with the doctors and find care for her children. With all his sufferings, she must deal with his grief, her families’ grief, her children’s grief–and someday–her own.

She has to fight for her marriage, often without him– and she feels scared, weak and alone. She must protect her children from his traumatic stress, but yet allow her kids to experience their own pain. And all the while, even with him here, she must take care of the kids and the bills and herself. She must love him and his anger. She must have compassion for his struggles yet encourage him to look to the future. She must put her own needs aside.  She must be strong and love the Lord, if she is going to make it. She is the wife of a soldier. I’m grateful for her. She is rarely recognized, and often not loved for all that she sacrifices.

Thank you military wives. You are an inspiration of what a Godly wife can be…stay the course. Don’t give up. God is intimately acquainted with all your needs, desires and fears. Rest in HIM!

Since I’ve written this I’ve been through a deployment.  My husband spent a year living in the desert with bombs attacking him daily, while he worked 18 hours in excruciating pain to support hospitals, serving wounded soldiers.  I confess, I have not had the strength or success as an army wife as some of the army wives I know.  But my soldier has been nothing but patient with me.  I am so proud of my soldier who is way stronger than I am.  I’m so honored that he loves me the way he does.  He has overcome crazy circumstances and because He loves the Lord, he is wise, loving and protected.  I’m so grateful for my soldier.   Thank you to My sweet husband, Michael….and to all the other soldiers who fight for our freedoms!


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