Proactive Living

I spent a majority of my life getting myself out of trouble.  Whatever I did, I ended up in some sort of hole, digging myself out.  I would spend my life running forward as fast as  I could, only to end up in the bottom of some sort of hole I didn’t see myself falling into.  I would wait until I was in the bottom of a pit to come up with some sort of solution try to claw my way out.

Trees spend their existence living for their Creator and living proactively.  They process and “photosynthesize” to store food for the future.  If a tree waited until it needed nourishment to begin processing sunlight and nutrients from the soil, our world would be filled with brown leaved trees. 

Ultimately, that’s what happens to our lives if we simply live in reaction to our circumstances, our relationships, and God. We must challenge our selves to live in a way that prepares our hearts for the trials, tribulations and temptations in this world.  We know they are going to come, so why don’t we prepare for them.  Even if to the rest of the world we should be destroyed, our spirits will be prepared for what attacks. More so, like a tree, we will ourselves with the necessary nutrients to supply nourishment for our life well into the future. Always living forward, thriving, not merely surviving.

So many of us just want to make it through the day. We react to our children’s tempers, what to make for dinner, and our husband’s bad day at the office.  We end up empty, because, frankly we don’t have enough to give.  Living PRO-Actively versus RE-actively can make all the difference in the stress you endure and the joy you receive.  PRO Active living means:

Reading the Bible and spending time in prayer even if your life is going well. We tend to stray from our daily disciplines the less we feel we need God.  But during this time you should be “photosynthesizing” in your own life. Feeding your spirit when there is a quiet will strengthen you for times of despair. 

Telling your spouse how you are really feeling BEFORE you get into an argument.  We tend to ignore our most unified relationship in Christ by sinking into isolation.  We don’t want to communicate because it takes energy and effort, and we don’t always have a lot of that.  But the reality is, we will have to exert twice as much energy if not more to repair relationships after they’ve been broken.

Taking time to take a break before you burn out.  We tend to go and go and go, enslaved with busy-ness. Eventually we crash and burn, either with sickness, severe stress, agitation and discontent with yourself and/or your life.  A break is necessary.  The Bible calls it the Sabbath and we are commanded to take a day of rest once a week to restore our souls. 

Talking with your kids about your expectations instead of being put in a situation to discipline them. We often wait until our kids push us to the limits just in time to blame them for being so out of control.  So BEFORE  going into the grocery store, make eye contact with them and in a calm yet firm voice clearly outline your expectations.  Then have them repeat back to you what you expect of them. 

Living proactively, building your spirit in the Lord in every way possible will help you be able to handle the most difficult of situations.  We are guaranteed hard times, and the only thing that can help us handle these times is by living proactively.

If only you would prepare your heart and lift up your hands to him in prayer!  JOB 11:13


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