My Seeds, My Fruit

The earth brought forth vegetation, plants yielding seed after their kind, and trees bearing fruit with seed in them, after their kind; and God saw that it was good.   Genesis 1:12

Cody asked me, “Do you think the kumquat tree I planted yesterday will grow?”

“Where did you get the seed from?” I asked him

“Umm mom, from the middle of a kumquat!” Duh?!!!

God is so amazing in his design.  Not only did he give us the nutrients we need from the ground, he created fruit capable of reproducing itself.  He gave us the fruit “with seed in them after their own kind.” 

As we produce fruit, we also have seed after our own kind.  Our seed is capable of going deep in the lives of others.  When we choose to let Christ feed and water our soil from the very roots of our heart, our lives produce a fruit bound in righteousness.  Those in our lives who partake in that fruit become the soil for the seeds of goodness to fall and root in the depths of the hearts of others. 

Likewise, if our actions prove destructive, filled with anger, addiction, bitterness, self-hatred, those closest to us will bear the seed of our hurtful behaviors.  Instead of multiplying strong trees with a foundation in Christ, we will be responsible for the planting of weeds, stickers and thorns that dwindle away what little nutrients is in that habitat–that child, that husband, that wife, that friend. 

God created us to live in community.  We have part ownership in the community we surround ourselves with because we determine, by our fruit what seeds are planted.  So ask yourself:

Are my kids disrespectful because they see me yelling in traffic –my seeds, my fruit?

Does my husband not show love to me because I don’t show respect to him–my seeds, my fruit?

Do my adult children struggle being around me because of my critical spirit–my seeds, my fruit?

Is it difficult for friends to trust me because I don’t trust anyone–my seeds, my fruit?

Does my wife not desire to take care of me because of my demands–my seeds, my fruit?

Insure that the fruit that is produced from your life is goodness by planting your roots deep in Jesus. 

Question:   Did you realize that the seeds of your behavior are being planted in everyone around you?


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