Kingdom Building

My husband met a man at his job who is a retired tree tester.  Well, I’m not thinking that’s his technical title, I’m assuming it was something more along the lines of arborist engineer, or doctor of treeology.  I’m certain it was something much more sophisticated.  Whatever he once was considered, he is now a shuttle bus driver for veterans. 

His job was very interesting, and if you know what it’s called, please comment and educate me. He worked with architects.  He would test all different types of wood to see if that particular tree would offer sufficient strength for the architects vision.  He explained to my husband that certain types of wood can’t be used in some buildings, or others are just better.  Some offer more support others won’t expand so not to ruin a structure. Some of the things he takes into consideration when he recommends wood is, weight of the building, temperature, weather patterns, humidity level, how the structure will actually be built.

His recommendations, expertise and research will determine whether or not the architects ideas will work.  If he picks the wrong wood, the entire plan will collapse. 

God is just like that. He tests us and determines what part of building his Kingdom we are fit for.  We may think we can handle certain weight and weather conditions, but God knows best.  He knows what we are made of.  He knows what his plans are for sufficiently building up others, the church, your family–ultimately adding and bringing more people into His presence. 

The struggle comes when we want to be a tree we can never be–because God didn’t intend for us to be.  Or when we aren’t quite aged appropriately–or mature enough—Yet.   Yet. 

We must trust God to make those decisions.  Just like we trust that the builder of our home or office building constructed these places where we sleep and work so that we will be protected and kept safe.  We must trust The Builder, namely Jesus, to use us in a way that works best for His plans.

Comment and answer this: Do you trust God?  Are you letting him test you for the right Kingdom building project?  Are you wishing you were a different sort of tree, and is it hindering from accomplishing what God really has for you?


6 thoughts on “Kingdom Building

  1. I do like reading these because I never quite know where you’re going until you get there. It’s like a little adventure, and I have to trust you, the trail guide, to take us to the beautiful view. And today’s vista? “He tests us and determines what part of building his Kingdom we are fit for.” I didn’t see that coming, but there it was, right around the bend, waiting for whoever would take the time to look.

    Thanks for the view. And the reminder.



    1. Yes, Jim, My husband thinks being married to me is the same sort of adventure. Every time I say I have a new idea…he just shakes his head and smiles because he never knows where I’m going with it! 🙂

  2. Great post. Great thoughts. I feel like I confident that God has me where he wants me and I am fine with it. Sometimes I wish I was a taller tree… or a maybe a little wider… and then I stop and admire how strong and lush the tree is as opposed to how tall or wide it is. I aslo have hope in know that my tree is not done growing!

  3. I trust the Lord to make me what He wants me to be and when I fail to remember that what He wants for me is best…I am miserable. Thanks for reminding me that what God wants for me will always be for my best.

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