Rotten Trees

So there was this interesting story on the news yesterday about a fallen tree.  I tried to find the story online, but got bored looking for it, so I will tell you what I remember.

There was this tree between two houses.  It was tall, old and rotting.  One of the families noticed how dangerous this tree was.  Although it looked okay from the outside, they could tell it was a hazard.  They asked their neighbors to remove the tree.  They paid an arborist to deem the tree unhealthy. 

Then the other night, this tree fell.  It fell on the house of the people who wanted it removed.  It fell on the roof where the baby was sleeping. 

I thought about how this reflects our own  lives.  We often have people who say to us, “You’re not healthy!”  We hear a sermon  on Sunday that tells us, “The way you are living is going to be destructive.”    We read a blog, a book, or even a Facebook Post that screams at us, “Remove this from your life, it’s going to be hazardous is you don’t.” 

And just like the neighbors who ignored the arborists warnings, we ignore, run and hide from the warnings from God himself that soon, yes soon, we will fall over.  And when we fall we are not only going to hurt ourselves, but the people around us. 

On the outside, we may look fine.  We may show some signs of being unhealthy, and we try to fool ourselves and everyone around us that we are going to be able to stay strong, and upright.  And all the while, we are rotting on the inside.  Rotting because we aren’t feeding on Jesus.

The minute the winds come, they knock us down.  We ruin ourselves, and the lives of those around us.  I’m not an exception.  I’ve done this, recently, in fact.  And once our lives come crashing down, there is no re-planting.  We must start over.  We must plant new seed, rebuilding our lives.  We might have to do that anyway when we choose to change, but what we will avoid is hurt, bitterness, unforgiveness, shame, regret, anger.  If only we would listen to Jesus when he says, “The tree you are protecting is rotten.”

Are you growing a “rotten tree” in an area of your life?  Do you think you can withstand the winds of destruction even though you are knowingly living sinfully in some area of your life?  It could be:


Selfishness and Self-righteousness



Addiction: Sex, drugs, alcohol




Critical Spirit or Negative Attitude


Give it to Jesus, he will help nourish you, replant you, grow you healthy, so you don’t fall and destroy your own spirit or the spirit of those around you–like your husband, your precious children, your best friend, your mother.  Lay it down.  Let me pray for you.


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