Who named the LOVEbug? I feel NO love for them.

It’s Lovebug Season! Residents of Florida HATE Lovebug season.  Seems oxymoronical, I know, how could anybody hate Lovebugs.  Aren’t the very essence of them LOVE? The answer to that is, ummmmm NO.  The very essence of Lovebugs is annoyance.

Here’s the deal on Lovebugs:

The Urban Legend is that some group of scientists at University of Florida genetically engineered these bugs to mate with mosquitos producing none-biting offspring.  Through their petri dish born existence, they would naturally have no predators, so they just multiply and multiply.

It’s a much more interesting story than the truth.  The truth is: They are just flies.  Well they aren’t just flies, they are very annoying flies that come at you in swarms.  They mate while they fly, so they aren’t so much concentrated on their flight, if you know what I mean.  So they don’t fly quickly or specifically, they just kinda bobble around in the air (in swarms) when you are laying by the pool. ( In swarms).  You run into them with your car, and they are killed (in swarms).  And their guts actually eat away at the paint of your car ( in swarms).

They are very (swarmenly) annoying.  But that’s all they are, is annoying.  They don’t spread disease, or bite, or even make noise.  In fact, they don’t even eat as adults.  They only live a few days.  But they are sooooooo annoying.

A few love bugs would be kinda cool.  But too many of them, like SWARMS of them, become distracting to the peace of mind you would normally get in being outside. 

I think about the things in our life that are soooo annoying.  Things that don’t really cause any harm, but we concentrate so intensely on them they become a distraction in our lives.  Things like:

Making more money

Comparing our parenting to other parents

Having a perfectly clean house

What we are wearing

What car we drive

Being successful

Name yours here

We all have those things in our life that annoy us, but we choose how much they distract us.  And when I talk of distraction, I’m talking about the things that take away the peace that we can find as we  focus on a relationship with God.  These distractions can even be found in:

Whiny kids

Our marriages

Bad relationships with coworkers

That neighbor’s dog that barks every time I walk by

We can turn something small into something too significant when we take our focus off Christ.  Our focus should only be on seeking how to live as  a child of God.  Our focus should not be on the annoyance of everyday life.  Our focus should be on the things that are eternal and life changing. 

Because here’s the thing about Lovebugs: they are only here for a season.  Three weeks, and they are gone again until September.  Your annoyances will be gone soon as well.  And by staying focused on Christ, your annoyances won’t have the power to turn into a lifetime of distraction.  Stay focused on the creator of the lovebug, not the lovebug itself!

What is annoying you?


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