More Thoughts Not About Trees

On Surgery and Faith…

3.  It Takes A Team To Carry You Through Beyond the surgeon–or the Savior–who does the initial procedure, it takes a whole group of people who can take care of you, feed you, give you the nourishment necessary to help get you healthy.  When you are in the infancy of your faith, it takes so many people in your life to encourage you, speak truth to you, hold your hand to help you move from living a life filled with hurtful choices to a healthy spirit.  You can’t do it alone.

4. It Takes Time.  When I went into this surgery I knew it would take some healing time–not nearly as long as it takes for someone who is truly battling an illness–but at least 6 weeks.  I’m only a week into healing and am finding myself bored, aggravated at my limitations.  It seems when we dive into a relationship with Christ we almost wish it was like swallowing a magic bean.  Quick fix.  Hurry up Jesus.  I said I’m in. So fix it.  Wave your wand.  But Jesus must move the heavens to undo all the ways we’ve messed up our own lives.  And sometimes, that takes time.

5. You Have to Take Your Meds.  I didn’t want to most of the time.  I didn’t like the way they made me feel, or how I slept all day.  But my husband made me.  He’s kind of a drill sgt!  In our faith,  we must take our medication. We must stay committed to taking in what will heal our souls.  Going to church to be around other Believers, reading the Bible, spending time in prayer are all things are all ways we put the salve of Jesus directly on any wounds, that can heal any pain.

How about you?  Who is on your team?  How long has it taken Jesus to heal you?  Are you taking your meds to bring you healing?  I wanna know!


One thought on “More Thoughts Not About Trees

  1. I do not like to take my meds given to me by the doctor. God gives me the Bible to help me heal and I refuse to take it sometimes. I delay my healing because of my lazy ways. Back to an apple a day, and a bible verse a day. I depend on my GOD. Thank you for the como…

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