This Has Absolutely Nothing To Do With Trees

And I’m not trying to trick you.  I had surgery 6 days ago.  A hysterectomy to remove a grapefruit sized  growth. I have photos but I’m saving them for my Christmas Card to send to all my Facebook “Friends”. 

I have a friend (a real one, not a cyber one) Steve Sjogren.  He wrote a book called The Day I Died.  He had this amazing encounter with God and Angels while he was in the hospital.  And then there’s the new book about the little boy who saw God when he died.  His story is everywhere.   I just knew I was going to have a moment with God during this traumatic outpatient surgery. I had great expectations of meeting God amidst a forest of trees, each of them symbolic, holding at least 365 days worth of blogging.  I bet you can guess by the title of my post that …yep.  No trees.

But I did have a lot of pain.  And a lot of drugs.  And a lot of vomiting.  And a lot of sleeping. 

Even though I didn’t have any mysterious, life changing insight into the creation of trees, I did gain some insight into the process of faith.  The painful, circumcising, process of growing in your faith in Christ. Over the next few days I’ll share a few of them with you.

1. Everyone lies.   In surgery and in coming into a relationship with Christ, everyone withholds critical information about the pain and suffering involved into the commitment that lies ahead.  Everyone told me, “Oh Tiff, You’ll be fine!  My aunt (mother, cousin, sister) had a hysterectomy  and she recovered in no time!”    “Oh, Tiff, it’s not that bad.  You will be back on your feet before you know it!”    It’s just like, “Oh Jesus has so much love for you! He is everything he promises to be!”    “Oh, Jesus is so happy you are making Him a part of your life, You will be filled with such joy and peace.  There’s nothing like it!” 

Although these statements are true in of and of themselves, they are lies by omission.  They omit the pain of having a part of your body cut out–or a part of your heart circumcised.  People fail to tell you of the fight and strength you need to just not throw up or slap a nurse, or roll your eyes at the preacher (gasp!) when He promises you  joy amidst your circumstances when God is tearing your whole world apart so he can build you back up.  But you don’t realize it until it’s too late, you are laying in the recovery room–of the hospital or of your church–raw, vulnerable and in need of some people who know what they are doing.  Which bring me to my next point.

2. Not All Professionals Are Good at Their Jobs.  When I was in recovery, I had this nurse that was awesome–she was take charge, knew what to do with my pain, and it was clear she knew what she was doing.   Then I was moved into post recovery, and my new nurse wasn’t so take charge, and didn’t know what to do with my pain. She made me throw up.  Twice.  She had to go ask the Nurse Boss what to do with my meds.  It’s like when we grow in our faith, there  are some people who know exactly what to say to encourage us, and can sense exactly what we need to know to grow us in the right direction.  And then there are those people who anything they say about Jesus just doesn’t seem right–even if they are a pastor.  They mean well, but….

So who has “lied” to you?   Who has “meant well” but didn’t make you feel comfortable where you are at in your growing relationship with God?


5 thoughts on “This Has Absolutely Nothing To Do With Trees

  1. Yuck… i’m am not even remotely interested in looking at the pictures… but am immensely impressed with your willingness to share them… i am so laughing at this point… God bless you Tiffany!

    I am sorry for your pain and most everything that goes along with it. I certainly can not imagine, as i am a bit of a dim witted male.

    I say most everything, because I know immense pain of a different sort and I will never be the same. My family will be forever changed, also. But there has been miraculous good that has come from the pain. I never would have become the person I am without the pain.

    God has revealed truth, that was untouchable before. He has built within me a confidence in Him, I never knew was possible. I have no confidence in self and immense confidence in Him. I am decidedly weak and in Him i am strong. The contrasts are endless.

    Everything about me was once strong… now it seems i am weak and yet there is more strength in me than ever before.

    My thought for you is to embrace the suffering…. and let God create the new creation He desires to spend eternity with…. amen.

    your ever thoughtless friend in Texas,

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience. Yes, People do lie, unfortunately, but we’re human. I hear that excuse all too often. Wish someone would have forwarned you about the pain. Keep in touch with those that are the farthest away.

  3. Being in law enforcement and conducting many investigations, I have been presented with many lies. I almost never ask a suspect a vital question that I do not already have the answer to and very rarely do I get the truth. God know the truth. Get well… Great post… xoxoxo.

  4. Tiffany I am sorry for your bad experience. I am a nurse and I dearly love my job. I am not always the best, but I pray for God’s guidance, wisdom and energy to do a good job, not just “good enough.”
    I recently had a hospital experience as well which had a similar encounter with quality of care. It has made me a better nurse.
    I kept repeating my favorite special scripture “God works all things together for good…” Romans 8 :28
    You can read about it if you go to my blog pj’
    I pray for you each time I see a new post of yours : )

    1. Thanks so much Paula—I know that there are nurses like you who genuinely care about their patients, and are definitely dependent on the Lord to work through them. It was a reminder to me, as well, to always give God my very best at whatever I do. All I do is for Him–my audience of One!

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