Abundant Rain

It’s been pouring rain all day in Tampa!! And I mean pouring!!!! We were under Tornado watch for a majority of the day, my front yard is a swamp and my the pond in my back yard is now the size of the Atlantic.  Crazy crazy Florida weather.  All day long I watched and heard the rain fall.  I peeked out the window to watch the trees blow.  The wind ranged between 60 and 100 mph!

A few days ago my husband spread some grass seed on the lawn I killed when he was deployed.  I was happy to see it get watered, because we all know I wouldn’t water it! The rain just fell and fell.  And this comes to mind:

Let my teaching fall like rain
   and my words descend like dew,
like showers on new grass,
   like abundant rain on tender plants.

Deuteronomy 32:2

Do you immerse yourself in God’s Word like my grass was immersed in the rain?  I know I try to.  And my life reflects a dehydrated spirit when I don’t. Or maybe you’ve never really tried it, or it intimidates you.  Maybe you don’t even know who this God is.  Where ever you are, it sounds like something you need.  You need the newness and abundance in that promise from God.  Here is what I can assure you:  

God’s Word refreshes.

God’s Word is gentle.

God’s Word is consuming.

God’s Word is abundant.

God’s Word falls upon you directly from the heavens.

God’s Word is beauty.

God’s Word is active.

God’s Word is always new.

Not one single drop of it will ever go to waste. 

God’s Word rests on you and in you.

God’s Word is real.

What is God’s Word to you?


2 thoughts on “Abundant Rain

  1. God’s word was clear and active in my life today. Thank you for your strong love and support. To be without you is not to be. Love you TJ.

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