The last few weeks I’ve caught Zac digging in the backyard.  It seems he’s caught the spring bug, and wants to cultivate and till the soil.  He also wants to plant things and watch them grow…

Like Money.

And Skittles.

Zac’s two favorite things!

First, he planted a penny. The family talked about putting a tree in the ground where he planted it and taping money on the leaves for fun.  Obviously he’s six, because I would’ve planted at least $100 bill. You reap what you sow.

Last night, his eyes light up at the thought of planting a candy tree.  “Mom, can I try and plant Skittles?”   Sure why not!

Off to the backyard he goes, planting two purple skittles deep into the ground–well not that deep, he’s six. Cody followed him out, supervising, managing, supporting, and laughing at him.

So today after school, Cody takes a handful of Skittles and treads upstairs to find Zac.  A few moments later, Zac comes running down stairs screaming, “It Works! It Works!” 

Michael and I both inquired at what he was so excited about.  Zac excitedly responds as he fumbles with the backdoor curtains, “My Skittle tree!  Cody said the got his Skittles off my tree I planted yesterday! ”

As he pulled open the backdoor, Michael and I busted out laughing. 

Dejected, Zac looks at us and says, “Well, I just won’t believe in you either then!” 

Zac wanted us to believe in what he believed in. He placed all his faith in something that wasn’t real, and it seemed ridiculous to us.

What are you placing your faith in?  People who claim to believe in nothing still believe in something. 

Are you willing to place your faith in Jesus even if it means the people around you think it’s crazy?

Tell me–I wanna hear from you! (And pray for you, too!)



  1. In my life I had plenty of crazy ideas and I put faith in them. If I could only go back and put that faith GOD may be some of those crazy ideas would have grown. God can do the impossible; even make a Skittle tree grow. Love that Kid…

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