All it takes is a little sunshine and water!


This is the only live plant I have in my house.  My grass is barely surviving.  I’m basically a black thumb.  Plants see me and tremble, not because of my amazing awesome botany skills–but more because I’m like the grim reaper of all nature that is green. 

I try.  I really do.  In fact, I love to cultivate the land, plant flowers, feeling connected to God’s earth.  But for some reason, my selfishness ultimately ends up killing plants.  Oh but, Tiffany!  This one’s alive.  Yes. Yes, my beloved friend–this one is alive–only because my husband came home from Afghanistan.

About a month before he came home, this plant–this simple precious plant–was lifeless, screaming for water, soil and sun.  Guilt overcame me.  I got this plant when my grandmother passed away two years ago Christmas Day–GUILT FACTOR #1 .  When Michael was home, he took care of this plant and kept it vibrant and alive, growing flourishing.  He was getting ready to come home and it was, well NOT vibrant and alive…NOT growing and flourishing.  GUILT FACTOR #2.  I was killing a plant ANNNND GUILT FACTOR #3!

So I took the poor sad little plant to my neighbor and with my big blue eyes begged, “Please resurrect my plant!”  Taking on my challenge, she replanted it, gave it a little H2O, probably plant whispered it …and Taaa Daaaa! My plant lives. 

When she delivered my plant back to me she said, “For goodness sake Tiffany, all this plant needs is a little sunshine and water.  It’s not hard.  You only have to water this plant once every two weeks or so. ”

Sigh.  Epic fail.  Little sunshine. Little water.  N.O.T.   H.A.R.D.

But I failed at that.  In a lot of ways .  I feel much like that little plant, and I suspect some of you do too, like there is no one to really give you the little sunshine you need, the little water you need.  And you feel lifeless, limp, barely surviving.  Even amidst the new year that almost makes us fake a new sense of hope, you could feel like this dying little plant.

I know that God wants more for our lives.  He desires for us to support each other in friendship and community.  He wants us to give each other the nourishment and oxygen that is much needed to survive in this crazy life.  Your marriage could be falling apart, and if only someone would fill up the watering can and pour it over you…then maybe just maybe you could sustain a little longer.  Perhaps you fear losing your job–or you just downright hate the one you have and are trying to be grateful–and if someone would just encourage you with a little sunshine, maybe, just maybe you could endure another season.

As a rule we are growing cold and distant from each other, blaming busyness–busyness like soccer games, serving in ministry, and taking care of our own selves.  All the while there is a neighbor who needs a little ray of hope and a friend at church who could use just a handshake or a prayer covering.  And there is a child who wanders through your neighborhood because her dad is too busy to really pay attention to her, and a teenager who hides under a hoodie because no one really has time for him. 

We are killing our plants.  We are killing a source of life in ourselves and our immediate communities, whether it be in our neighborhood, workplace, or school or even our church [gasp].  It doesn’t take much to make someone feel special, important or more so, loved by God.  All it takes is a little sunshine and a little water.

It’s hard to be on either side.  If we need to water the plants in our lives, we have to take the time to stop and fill up the watering can.  And if we need to be nourished, it’s a painful wait–and sometimes even standing there  lifeless isn’t enough.  I experienced that a little–and in some ways was that plant when my husband was deployed.  I would go sometimes three or four days without speaking to an adult.  I would get lost in my own house, pacing, not knowing what to do.  I just needed a little sunshine and a little water.

But there is always hope–while God is preparing our nourishment, he sustains us.  Much like the trees that seemingly fend for themselves, the reality is that God is taking care of their every need.  It may seem lonely, hopeless, but there is always hope in Christ. 

He will always care for us as His children, so I beg you, don’t give up.  If you are lifeless and dying because of someone like me who hasn’t reached out to you, know that there is a big huge God that loves you so much, and looks at you with great compassion.  He will send someone to water you, HE will be the SONlight that you need. Hold fast.

And if you are vibrant and growing, pour your life out into the lives of others, I promise somewhere in your influence is a dying plant.

Are you a dying plant?  Do you need to be watered?  Or are you filled with life, ready to pour out? Comment and let me know your story…I LOVE to hear your stories! Plus, if you comment, you will always know that you are covered in prayer!


6 thoughts on “All it takes is a little sunshine and water!

  1. I feel that I’m placed in a dark area receiving little sunlight and water. I desire all I need to grow, but need some water and to move myself closer to the sunlight. Have to let go at let God. Your have been a blessing to my day. Thank you.

  2. This needing sunshine and water certainly describes me this past year. I have really struggled getting over the loss of my younger sister. I know ministry and I knew all year what the Lord wanted of me but there were some days that my little vine-y self just couldn’t reach out and wrap myself around someone close by that needed support. I wanted to support them and give them strength through my vine but still there were days.

    Perhaps I should have screamed for some attention – some sunshine and water. I’m stronger now though. I’m to a point where I can reach out for that water and where my branches and vines can search out the scriptures for that son-shine.

    Thanks Tiff. You’re doing some good work for the Kingdom.

  3. Awesome Word!! I just cried out to God 5 minutes ago in prayer about this very thing.

    I am just tried. Plain old tired. Tired of fighting to know God’s will, tired of fighting for direction, tired of being overweight, tired being alone all the time, tired of my husband’s pain and irritability, tired of doing the same thing over and over again to see little fruit.

    I know in my heart I must stay patient before the Lord- but feel as though He is not there…. I am tired of not feeling His presence like I use to and tired of fighting for it.

    Sometimes I just feel as though everyone around me is doing great things, while I wait on the Lord to be used. I am tired of feeling a bubble of greatness deep inside my very being- that I cannot release. I know God has a great mission for me, I feel it in the very depths of my being everyday, but cannot seem to understand it or bring it forth.

    I need a little light and a little water from God…I am just tired of waiting for it. I am tired of being in the valley.

    Thank you for your prayers, and for your writings!!
    I think I better go and read some Psalms 🙂

  4. Mamacita–I can’t imagine how hard it was to lose your sister–but I know that in her last years, she had you to love her, and that is a wonderful gift! You and I are so much alike in that I don’t often ask people for help either. I don’t reach out and scream Water Me Water Me …but a lot of times I don’t depend on Christ and his provisiion enough either, and that’s when we do things of our own will and get tired. It is certainly a blessing that God carried you, even when you didn’t feel like he did.

    And there is no condemnation in not being able to reach out to those around you to love on them…it’s simply a season of our lives we must endure…and wait on Jesus to fill us up, so that we can be poured out again.

    Praying you get filled to overflowing.
    Love you.

  5. @Tiff, I would be lying if I said I haven’t felt like that before. When I moved from Texas to Florida, I struggled soo much with that transition. In Texas God blessed me with a thriving counseling ministry, I was training based on God’s word in the public school system…and then pooof it has gone.

    I remember feeling angry and confused…and like everything I was doing took so much effort. I made the mistake of staying isolated, not sharing my life and and hurts with my husband.

    What I’m saying is : I feel you! And we can read the word and pray –and those are both necessary and good things…but I’m here for you—as best I can, I will help!

    Rest in him, he has a plan for you–you are not forgotten, or used up. He’s simply trying to fill your cup so that you can overflow again. Be Still!

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