Reflections of Gray

It was so gray and gloomy outside today.  I stared out the windows of my pastor/boss’  house and noticed the trees surrounding the water of his backyard.  The hues of the colors in the trees were a direct reflection of the color of the sky, the colors of their surroundings.  The reflection of the trees off the water, multiplied the forest so that the gray intensified.

I thought about us, and how our lives are a direct reflection of our surroundings.  I know I’m guilty of this.  If my husband is gloomy or sad, then my attitude changes.  If my kids are mouthy and driving me crazy, then I’m irritated.  If mama ain’t happy, then nobody’s happy! 

If I attend a church where I’ m given a happy message with no depth, then I won’t have depth in my spirit.  If I hang out with people who don’t follow Christ, then I’m likely to waver on my beliefs.  If everyone jumps off the bridge, I’ll probably jump, too. 

But even beyond surface reflection, these things become heart reflections.  Every sound we hear, every person we connect with has the power to sow seeds in our heart.  And those seeds can either grow into a reflection of Christ or a reflection of the world. And even sometimes, those seeds can grow into weeds, choking out the very life that God planted in our hearts in days past. 

Who and where and what we surround ourselves with will determine our spiritual life, and become the reflection of hearts.  The Word of God is clear:

As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart.  Proverbs 27:19

How are you living your life?  Are you living your life pursuing things of the world–like success, money, approval, career advancement,  popularity?  Are you living your life pursuing a perfect and comfortable life for your kids?  Are you living your life for your addiction-alcohol, drugs, smoking, shopping, eating, gambling?  Are you living your life to please your wife?  Are you living your life to please your husband?  Are you living your life to please yourself?

Your daily agenda is an indicator of what is important to you.  The thing you go to bed at night wishing for, or wake up in the morning figuring out how to accomplish is your heart coming alive.  The trees can only reflect gray skies, but you have the unique power to change your surroundings, the ones that form your heart.  You have the power to allow God to reveal your heart, so that you can align your life with his.  So that when you see your reflection in the mirror, you see the face of Jesus.

Give him permission and pray this out of Psalm 139

Search me, God, and know my heart;
   test me and know my anxious thoughts.

See if there is any offensive way in me,
   and lead me in the way everlasting.


Comment and let me know if you are praying to be a direct reflection of God, I would be blessed to commit to praying for you!


12 thoughts on “Reflections of Gray

  1. I like the analogy of who and what we surround ourselves with will determine our heart and reflect in our lives. It is true. However, I also think of the other side. Instead of allowing the mood of my family and friends to reflect in my attitude, I wonder how often my attitude is reflected in them? How am I an influence, both positive and negative, in the lives that encounter me during the day? I want God to search me for the people and influences I’m letting into my life, but I also want Him to search me for the type of influence I’m being to the people around me.

    You really got me thinking on this one. Thanks.


  2. I have found that my day to day task get completed with more enjoyment and peace when I allow God to lead me. When others see the Christ in me and develop a desire to serve God makes life refreshing. I continue to grow everyday. Thank you and blessings.

  3. There is some deep thinking going on. Who are we reflecting and are we reflecting on others? We need to be standing firm in Christ to deflect the bad reflections and intensify the Godly ones.

  4. This morning I heard a comment on KLOVE…don’t ask Jesus what he wants you to do today. Ask Jesus what he is doing today and follow him. Love you

  5. @Cheryl, yes we need to ask ourselves those questions–we can’t just deflect the bad reflections, we must avoid them. Our reflections come directly from our heart, so it’s important to know and be aware of what is planting in our hearts.

  6. Sharon shared this with me – thank you so much for spreading the good news! I hope you don’t mind if I share this with others.

  7. Tiffany I don’t think I’m making myself clear. We must avoid the bad in us but if we are to be around people who are hurting and do not have Christ we have to deflect those and not allow them to darken our countenance while showing them the light.

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