Out With The Old–In With The New

God made us and the trees to live in rhythmic harmony with one another.  As we breathe out carbon dioxide, a tree inhales it–transforming it into the oxygen we need to inhale.  In perfect beat, in and out, transformed.  What we don’t need or want, the tree takes in and transforms it into something we do.  A transformation only done by the divine design of Jesus. 

I laid in bed last night all snuggled up next to my husband.  My head laying on his chest, listening to his breathing, my mind racing.  Already I’ve been thinking of the million things I “need” to get done, and the million things I “haven’t” done, and the million things I “want” to do but feel like I’m ill-equipped.  In the chaos of my mind, I heard a gentle, voice of comfort whisper, “Just breathe.”

Just breathe.  That’s what God told me.  So I did.  I took one deep breath in, held it…1…2…3…4…5 and then release.  I abandened my comfort for a moment laying next to Michael, and rolled onto my back, forcing myself to take a deep breath, all the way from the depths of my diaphragm–but more importantly my spirit. 

This time I inhaled and in my mind called out, “In with Jesus” ….1 ….2….3…4…5… “Out with Tiffany.”   Then I thought of all of those thoughts–those lies– I hold on that stop me, that take the place of the truth of Christ.  And again, I inhaled…and on my exhale,  my mind cried, “Out with self doubt” 1…2….3…4….5 ” And inhaled, ” In with Confidence in Christ.”  God took what I didn’t need and he transformed it.  Like the trees, it is only through Christ that anything in my life is transformed.

Over and over again, struggle and sin after sin.

Out with fear — In with faith

Out with worry–In with His promise

Out with condemnation — In with acceptance

Out with uncertainity– In with hope.

As the new year approaches, we all have such optimism about putting the past year behind us and tredging forward into the promise of newness.  We resolve to change, to grow.  We promise to eat better, to play with our kids, to read our Bible more.  But none of these surface commitments will hold strong or steadfast if we don’t rid ourselves of all of the junk that we collected in 2010, the junk of our spirits that will weigh us down, keep us up sleepless at night and soon become chaos in our minds.

What is that for you?  What lies are taking up the space of your spirit that prevent THE Spirit from truly living in you?  
There is so much in your spirit that you don’t need that Jesus is ready and willing to transform into a deep promise that you can hold onto for eternity.  

Breath it out, and breathe in Jesus.  Every night, every morning, every afternoon.  And before you know it–no longer will you have to even think about it, you will only be taking in the pure fresh air that only Jesus can transform.

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.  Romans 12:2



6 thoughts on “Out With The Old–In With The New

  1. How do you determine what is Goods will? Is God will always something of comfort and is it always inside the box thinking to remain safe? I know my purpose in Christ, but taking action is another thing. I want to fill myself with God and take the action to serve him. Time to get movin and groovin. Being brave comes with fear. Choose Gods way, the true way and live free.

  2. Inside the box and comfortable aren’t always the same. It was God’s will for Jesus to die on the cross–definitely outside of the box, definitely not comfortable. I think that God’s will in our life is always about stretching and growing our faith, and that is normally painful.

    God’s will can be determined by prayer, fasting, seeking the Word and trying and failing. In some of those, or all of those, God will reveal himself by the power of the Holy Spirit. The more you find yourself submerged in Him, the more likely you are to hear his voice.

    His voice is there, loud and clear for you. Just be still and listen.

  3. For a couple of years now I have been doing yoga. When everyone else is breathing, etc. I breathe in deep and say, “In with Jesus” and out with whatever problem I’m facing.

    Funny how you and I are on the same page so much of the time.

    Keep breathing in with Jesus.

  4. It was an odd thing this morning.. i was in prayer. i wanted to die to self and hear from God. i held my breath for a bit wanting nothing for myself. Then i, inhaled the freshness of His Spirit. It was sweet.

    Mostly, i am inclined to rush prayer. This time i didn’t.

    God bless you, your man and your family in the new year.

    the yogini’s hubby

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