More thoughts on Seeds…

 The seed is much more than something that is planted. It’s much more than a small start in a big world. Being the master craftsman that God is, he created the seed as a protective covering to the fragile plant that lives inside. The seeds primary job is to protect and nourish.

In this way, we can open our hearts to the new perspective on Jesus as our seed. He is our protector, our nourisher. He covers the fragile soul that lives inside. . He takes care of what is important…important to Him.

As a child of God, you are marked as a forever living Seed of the Holy Father. You are encased in the inpenetratable shell of God Himself.

“For you have been born again, not of perishable seed, but of imperishable, through the living and enduring word of God.” I Peter 1:23

The thought alone of being contained makes me claustrophobic both physically and spiritually. I’m sort of a rebellious spirit. If I see a sign that says “Wet Paint. Do Not Touch!”  The first thing I do is touch…not to see if it’s wet, but to see if the sign is telling the truth.  I want to look at things differently, try things in a new way, and definitely live outside of the box, er, the seed. In the past, to think that I’m encased by God is to think I’m limited and am only able to respond to the string He decides to pull that day. But to be encased is not to be enclosed.

To enclose means to confine, and God is not a God that seeks to confine us. Instead, under his protection we are free to explore, search out and discover new things about ourselves and this life. Because he protects and nourishes us, we are able to find comfort and safety in His presence.

Yet it is only through His Word that we can find this Seed Promise. In the “living and enduring word of God” we are shielded from the wind and rain. We are sheltered from any storm, we are saved from any harm that the Earth would seek to destroy us with. With Christ and His Word as our Seed covering, we become relentlessly able to dare to accomplish anything great and big in this small and insignificant world

God’s protectively covers our lives, yet void of faith, we take that role from him.  Much like a bird snatches seed, I snatch God’s job as my protector right out of his hands.  And then more often than not, I blame HIM when I get hurt. 

As a counselor and wounded child of God myself, I’ve learned more than I’d like to know about Self-Protection.  We fear where God will plant us.  We fear where we might grow.  We fear.  Instead of settling into the seed of Christ, we attempt to protect ourselves.  And that false sense of security, most often does not completely block the elements of the wind, the rain, the sun.  And even more often, damage our hearts, our souls, our marriages, our children… 

I’ve heard some counselors encourage people in their self-protection.  We all have our protective measures–ways we secure ourselves from hurtful people, situations, and past wounds.  It’s a natural reaction of the human nature–but so is sin.    Don’t get me wrong.  There are logical choices we must make when we’ve been hurt by our mothers, abandoned by our fathers, or abused by our spouses.  We must set certain boundaries to ensure we are honoring that in which God honors–US. 

When I speak of self-protection, I speak of unhealthy behaviors that become almost idolatrous, for we depend on them to take care of us more than we depend on Christ. 

Hiding behind our children because we fear interaction with others.

Shopping and spending.


Unhealthy co-dependant relationships.

Masking the truth of who you are or what you’ve done.

Constantly serving others and never receiving.


Critical Spirit and Gossip.


Rejecting others before they can reject you.






All the ways of self-protecting seem logical, seem helpful, seem right.  But all of them are concocted by the flesh to aid a much deeper hurt or issue that only God can truly help us with.  When we choose to allow God to be our protective covering, we allow ourselves more vulnerabilty which is definitely suffering for me–and with vulnerability comes growth. And with growth comes maturity–and hope.

And we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God. Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.  Romans 5:2-4

But this hope that comes, comes only of the glory of God–through Him, by Him, for Him.  Your self-protective ways willl not produce the hope we need for the healing we need.  For it’s through God’s Hope and his glorious work on the cross that we can truly be healed of all the hurts we attempt to protect ourselves from.

I encourage you this day to rest in the seed of God’s protection, casting aside your finite ways of protecting your heart from the hurts of this world.  It is only through that will you find the eternal healing you are searching for. And the freedom only found in Christ.


3 thoughts on “More thoughts on Seeds…

  1. Love the rebel in you… i was at church yesterday..

    Told to do this and don’t do that… you can guess which way the wind blew… Cora just shook her head…

    It is the rebel in each of us that inspires us to be different in the world.. It is in our difference that the world sees Christ.

    God bless you in this new work…

    your friends,
    archie and cora

  2. Out of my Hope in Christ I have been able to make it through many storms and walk on water. I trust in GOD and I believe in His healing power. Hope is a wonderful thing. “KEEP HOPE ALIVE”. May God continue to walk with you. Serve HIM with all your might.

  3. Ahhh! Now I know why we get along so well…..rebels rule! I love Archie’s response. Never thought of being a rebel as an opportunity for others to see Christ. I’m gonna have to tell my Mom that!

    Beautifully written! I love your insight and look forward to the next post.

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