To My Christmas Eve Shoppers

Fellow Last Minute Shoppers,

I look forward to running into you at Target on Christmas Eve. Christmas is only two weeks away but we have absolutely nothing to worry about.  Stores will be open just for us early on Christmas Eve, and hopefully awhile  into the evening (because we will run out of tape). Besides us, the world will be none the wiser that we waited until the last possible moment to buy presents for our family.

Our kids will be completely fine with Designer Impostor Perfume of Marc Jacobs Honey, and the leftover Xbox Games in the $19 bin. When you can’t find the exact Airsoft gun, then you can just pick from the pink one’s that are left and tell your kid he can paint it whatever color he wants.  And even though they will only have size 4x left in that shirt, I guarantee it will shrink a size or two or four in the dryer.

And if all else fails–gift cards.


Whether you are a crazy procrastinator, or waiting on getting that last paycheck right before the big day, know that  I got your back.  I, too, will be up until 3 am wrapping gifts. And those beautiful gifts can sit under the tree for a whole 3 hours before they get ripped open. Then there is always the big, big decision to make: do I go to bed or just try and make it through until the kids wake up?

I know. I just go to sleep, too.

Friend, I am not sure when I got to the place where Christmas became so overrated for me. When I was younger I absolutely loved the whole magic of the day. I loved the family and the lights and the songs. But now, no matter how much you try and keep CHRIST in Christmas, we are swimming in commercialism and marketing, and the BS that is daily shoved down our throats.

And then there are our kids who we desperately want to re-create that magic for. But being a magician can be so exhausting. Can I get an Amen?!?

My Reindeer Game plan:  focus on spending time with my kids, sit around the tree, talk about Jesus. The presents can wait.

Merry Christmas,



There’s Something About Mary

I woke up this morning thinking about Mary. This pregnant unwed mother of the man who would forever be famous and change the world, would change lives.

Here is the thing about Mary and her Christmas story: the angel told her how she was blessed and favored and chosen; how God was going to work out His perfect plan in her life.

Everyday we are told the same.

We are favored.

We are blessed.

We are chosen.

What is The difference between me and Mary? The difference between you and Mary?

It has nothing to do with the fact that she is Jesus’ mom. Or that her story is in the Bible. It has nothing to do with anything except this simple fact:

She believed it.

Mary believed that she was Favored and Blessed and Chosen.

We don’t.

I don’t.

There is nothing we can do to earn the favor or the blessing. Simply, we must believe that it is true.

And when we do truly believe this fact, nothing in our lives will be impossible for God to do through us.

Make your Christmas story count. Believe what God says about you…you could change lives.

Christmas: It’s Not About Jesus

I was nineteen when I got pregnant with my first little lovie. I was living at home, but going to college and working, trying to find my way. I was terrified to tell my family I was pregnant. I knew how upset my mom would be. Not because our family didn't love kids, but because I was young, and she knew my life would never be the same.

Countless times I tried to find the courage. I wrote notes, rehearsed in the mirror, prayed. I knew I had to say something, I would get my bump soon enough. Somehow I found the courage. Only to be revisited by the same fear two years later when I was pregnant again.

I wonder how much of that fear overcame Mary when, at 15 and a virgin, had to tell her parents she was pregnant. I was at least a little older, and of course, not a virgin. But she was. I wonder how she handled the disappointment in their eyes. The disbelief in their voices. The shaking of the heads. How was her confidence in God's plan for her life? Did she doubt what she had accepted for her life? Even regret it. Sometimes I have no confidence. Sometimes I have disbelief in my own voice, and dooubt God's plan and what he's doing in my life.

Imagine, being Mary, and at fifteen digging deep within to find every amount of faith to trust that God would pave her way, and literallly save her life. She could've have been stoned. I just didn't want my mom to be mad at me.

Christmas isn't just about Jesus. It's about every person who had the faith to believe, the faith to let God use them and change their lives. Including you.

How confident are you in God's plan for your life?

Are you filled with faith in your purpose and trust every step God directs for you?


[creepy] Elf on the Shelf

Just look at that image and you can’t tell me it’s not a little creepy. I’ve never done the elf for that reason and my kids are too old, my youngest is frightened by it, and I don’t need one more thing to do in December.

Some Pinterest moms gets crazy with it, tearing up pillows , messing up living rooms… Not if I have to clean it up!

But what I dol I’ve is some of the names you have come up with for this little demon doll. The most original and popular is Elfy.

What is the name of your elf?


Happy Thanks-Now-Give Me!

This is the week of the Gimmes and the I wants and the Mom-I’ve-Condensed-My-Wish-List-To-3-pages.  The week after thanksgiving is always filled with crazy anxiety for me, wondering how to get through the holidays, sane and sober, and able to pay for the electricity in January.

So many of you parents have your stuff together.  I’ve read blogs about giving just 3 gifts, because 3 was enough for Jesus, it’s enough for you.  I’ve read posts about spending only $50 a kid, and giving gifts only in stockings, and I just don’t know how you do it.

I’m one of those crazy moms that wants to buy my kids EVERYTHING!  I don’t buy them too much during the year, because, honestly, we just don’t have the funds.  My kids aren’t without, don’t get me wrong.  But I want huge smiles, and awesome memories.  I want my kids to love Christmas, and not for one moment be disappointed, because life is already filled with too many of those.

But I wrestle with advertising, propaganda bull-sh*t, my desire to give abundantly to my kids and making Christmas all about Jesus…because it is, right?! We say it is, but scaling down the Christmas budget and only giving a few gifts doesn’t really make it all about Jesus.

I believe God is the giver of all good things to his kids.  And if I have this overwhelming desire to give until it hurts, imagine how God feels about us.  I know it’s not about the presents, I know it’s not about how much I spend.  I KNOW it’s about Jesus.  But how do we make it really about Jesus?

I want to know how you keep the holidays all about Jesus.  What are some traditions or new things you are trying to keep the focus on Christ?  Daily? Weekly?

How do you drive home the truth of the miracle of Christmas?

Comment and share with me.