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I write about kids because I raise five of them! We are a blended multi-cultural family, girls and boys, trying to navigate through this world holding on to Jesus while being able to experience life to the fullest. I don’t know EVERYTHING, but I do know just enough to be dangerous.   I jot down my opinion on parenting failures, raising Christian kids in a non-Christian culture, and all things kids bring to the table, whether you raise them, teach them or love them. 

For 15 years, I have worked closely with children who have experienced trauma and provide workshops and training to help educated the community on how to minister to the broken-hearted.  I also have counseled wayward teenage girls who have struggled with drugs, self-harm and eating disorders.  Kids are in need of some Jesus, and some people who love Jesus!

Check out my STRESSED OUT KIDS WORKSHOP! I would love to come and speak at an event you host, or be on the look out for events I organize in the community.


Contact me today to Host this workshop or create a custom training for your organization!


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