All of nature speaks to me. I feel the most connected to God when I’m surrounded by His creation–the ocean, the valleys, the mountains, people. A few months ago I was taking a walk around the neighborhood. It was the end of whatever we call Fall in Florida, the air was cool, and the trees were bending in response to the gentle breeze. Every yard, a different tree leaning toward the ground, but fighting for the sky.

As I walked and considered the abundance of struggling trees, I noticed the blades of grass, the flowers, even the weeds, all desiring closeness to their Creator. Defying the soil they were planted in, the weather conditions and gravity, they all were growing up, toward the very source of their life.

Each tree in its uniqueness has a lesson that will grow us closer to our God. Every branch, leaf and root tells us a story, speaking directly to our circumstances and situations. All of God’s creation has something to show us beyond our finite way of reasoning.

God knew that a tree would teach us something. In the very beginning God created the trees that bore fruit and seed. And when he was done, He proclaimed the goodness of his creation. He gave us the power over them: To benefit from their labor and partake in their fruit, to cut them down, to uproot and replant them, to ignore them, to breed them, to learn from them.

He knew a simple tree and its fruit had the power and strength to hold the complete knowledge of both good and evil. He also knew that our heart would desire to know everything. Perhaps there still remains a knowledge of this good and this evil—a wisdom that only can be found in a tree.

So I will begin this journey with you, in hopes of discovering what it means to be a tree. I also pray that you can learn how to be a tree. Not a desire to be all-knowing, but to live in complete obedience to your Maker, growing in defiance of all circumstances and conditions. In utter worship and dependence on the Creator, learn How to Be a Tree.

5 thoughts on “TREES

  1. thanks tiff for the prayers! im not on fb anymore so we will just have to keep in touch through email and blogs!! miss ya girl!!

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