I’ve always said that my mom named me Tiffany for a reason, but instead of Tiffany & Co. Walmart is my weekly hangout. Ironically I love Tiffany diamonds and HATE Walmart’s insanely long lines, but more often than not you can find me wandering up and down those narrow aisles looking at $4 candles and $10 storage baskets. In tow will be at least three of my five children, who could easily blow a Tiffany & Co. budget on in a single trip.. Besides spending all of my husband’s paycheck, I LOVE spending time with him and the kids at the pool, taking walks, playing sports. I write, I pray, I love the church…and most importantly I LOVE me some Jesus.

For the last 14 years, I’ve served in ministry. God has used me as a children’s ministry director, a national trainer, a recovery ministry director, Biblical counselor and a children’s behavior specialist. I love planting churches and consulting with churches to fine tune their ministries.

My family recently re-located back to San Antonio, Texas and I spend time writing & speaking, counseling & consulting. Hopefully my experiences, crazy perspective, and sometimes failures will inspire you to examine your heart, plant your feet firmly in the only One who can give you life, and to love Jesus a little more every day.

Love God | Love People


6 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. Wow Tiff! You do rock! …and still beautiful inside & out!! I love seeing you & hearing about the fam on Facebook, Pinterest, and now here! Your Mom must be over the moon seeing what a fabulous woman you’ve grown into. Love ya girl!

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